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A simple way
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A simple way
to share and organize your everyday life

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Average rating of Share(d) on app stores (4.5).

March 2022

Very convenient app and constantly improving. I especially enjoy being able to create multiple families, syncing calendars, and the shared shopping list. The calendar allows us to plan holidays well in advance, and to set reminders for the other parent. You make our lives easier so keep it up ;-)

January 2021

Share(d) makes it easy to share our calendars and centralize everything in one app. Thanks for your work so far!

February 2022

I was not necessarily interested in organization apps but I was won over by Share(d) and so was my husband. We do not miss a thing and jot things down right away: sharing with my husband allows us to schedule our appointments and invitations!!! A wonderful app!!

January 2021

This application brings together different services to organize family life. It's a Swiss Army knife for families, including a calendar, a chat room, pictures, documents... Gathering family information is very convenient and unifying. And the Premium subscription made our lives easier!

May 2021

Glad I discovered this app when I separated, it makes my life easier, especially by making sure the other parent knows which activities the kids signed up for, and where and when. We took a subscription to be able to enter all the events related to the activities of 3 children. I find the price very reasonable when split between both parents!

March 2021

Excellent! The most user-friendly design ever seen. Makes you want to spend time on it. Very nice experience. Keep up the good ideas, you're off to a good start, it's great! Thank you for the experience you offer and for the quality of our exchanges.

February 2020

Very practical, healthier communication with my ex, very useful tools. Share(d) works really well! I am very happy with it!

October 2021

Excellent app, the perfect toolkit for separated parents to stay organized 😇 I have been a client for 3 years. The application is regularly improved, with no regression noted. On top of that, the team and customer support are top notch! A "must have." 😌

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